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The travel app RoamSwitch® lets you optimize your data usage during travel in roaming areas. You actively reduce your mobile data usage. Saving on roaming costs will feel like childs play in future.

RoamSwitch® is a must-have-app for every traveller. You can stay online without paying for roaming data that does not add value to your live. In contrary to classic data manager apps RoamSwitch® enables you to actively manage which apps can use mobile data and which can only update in a Wifi. Unneeded apps wont cause costs anymore.

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RoamSwitch® - Your everywhere data apptimizer

Most datamanager apps only show how much data volume is used by different apps. With RoamSwitch® you actively save Roaming data usage and therefore prevent a cost shock during travel.

RoamSwitch® is a real data manager:

  • Monitor internet usage: As with every other data manager the data tracker shows the usage per app e.g. in a monthly report
  • Manage data usage: Most data managers only track internet usage while RoamSwitch® can actively helps you to stay under your data limit
  • Extend Android Functions: With RoamSwitch you cannot only you block background data usage but all mobile internet usage for selected apps
  • Optimize your data plan: Family plan, Shared data, Shared plan, Roaming data - RoamSwitch® optimizes all existing data plans
  • Save money: You reduce data usage and avoid overage charges RoamSwitch is a great travel app!
  • Easy to use: Abroad, the profile activates automatically
  • Stay online abroad:In countries you are not familiar with you still can use apps to explore the area and find your way
  • Even if you buy a cheap roaming sim card, there is often not much data included. RoamSwitch® helps you to optimize the data usage of foreign SIMs.
  • also on business travel your company will be happy if you reduce your data usage

Do you want to test compatibility with your device first? Install AppSwitch and you can enjoy full functionality during trial period.

RoamSwitch® is the "little brother" of AppSwitch. With AppSwitch you also can reduce mobile data usage in your home country with a second profile.

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Everyone needs this App :). – Markus W.

This is useful for all our travelling business clients! – Daniel Q.


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